Planning your wedding flowers with our designers is an exciting and enjoyable adventure.

We always have a cooler stocked full with many of the new and unusual flower varieties available.

Appointments usually last 1-2 hours and are generally available during regular business hours, Monday-Friday and limited Saturdays.

 Botanicals’ General Pricing Guidelines

Preparing for your Wedding Appointment

To help make the best choices possible,
we recommend taking the following steps before your appointment:

Select your dresses.

The gowns are the mood setters for the event. Our flowers will enhance the style and color of your dresses, accentuating their beauty and enriching the look of the occasion. Pictures and fabric swatches of the bride and bridesmaid dresses are extremely helpful in choosing flowers for your wedding. Bring these items with you to the consultation.

Select the location of the ceremony and reception.

Fresh flowers will be part of the environment. We are very familiar with St. Louis wedding venues and will be able to make the appropriate suggestions on needed decorations.

Decide and make a list of who will receive flowers for the wedding.

Remember to include participants in the ceremony, family members, readers, guest book attendants, etc.

Define your budget.

Botanicals will work with you to ensure you have the best possible flowers and service within your budget.

Bring your passion, enthusiasm and come ready to have fun!

Wedding flowers are our specialty. We will make planning your wedding flowers an enjoyable process…
and your wedding is going to be beautiful.

We look forward to creating a look that’s perfect for you.